Grants & Incentives

We appreciate those who choose to establish businesses on and around Main Street Taneytown and are committed to helping them thrive. In addition to the opportunities within Taneytown itself such as networking, classes, resource connections, design consultation, and expert business consultation, many incentives for new and existing business owners are often available through grants and assistance programs. These are offered by organizations such as, but not exclusively, Main Street America, Main Street Maryland, the City of Taneytown, Carroll County Economic Development, and Maryland Economic Development. Taneytown’s own steward for Economic Development, Nancy McCormick does an amazing job keeping up on the availability and acquisition of these benefits. Contact her at

Current Incentives and services for new and existing business owners in Taneytown

  1. Façade grants up to 50% of approved work by MHT to qualified residential/commercial in the Taneytown Sustainable Community area.  Signage grants are also included.
  2. Business consultation for first visit in the Downtown Taneytown Business Corridor
  3. Small Business and Innovation Center classes for new and existing business owners- some at no charge.
  4. Work hand in hand with Economic Development Director for smooth transition and referrals
  5. Opportunities to network and increase your business
  6. Opportunity to connect with State and local resources.
  7. Design consultation for downtown businesses.
  8. Opportunity to apply for State and Local Tax Credit